SystemCrafter SC is a SystemC synthesis tool for Xilinx FPGAs.

  • Breakthrough price of $3000 brings SystemC synthesis within reach of everyone.
  • Use SystemC, the industry-standard addition to C++ for describing hardware.
  • Design, debug and simulate hardware and systems using the SystemCrafter GUI or your existing C++ development environment.
  • Develop hardware and software in the same framework.
  • Descriptions are fast to write, fast to simulate, maintainable and readable, improving time to market.
  • Eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual translation of SystemC to HDLs.

SystemCrafter SC can be used for co-design, for synthesizing SystemC to hardware, and for hardware acceleration.

SystemCrafter SC generates RTL VHDL or Verilog for downstream synthesis to Xilinx FPGAs, and closes the verification gap by writing a structural SystemC output for simulation.

SystemCrafter SC

  • is fully compatible with major C++ compilers, such as Microsoft Visual C++ and GNU GCC;
  • is fully compatible with the Xilinx XST synthesis tools;
  • runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

SystemCrafter SC Version 3 simplifies management of system and gate level simulations and synthesis to hardware.

The price includes

  • A perpetual license, node-locked to one PC.
  • New minor-version releases for the lifetime of the product (if you buy Version 3.0, you will be upgraded to new Version 3.x releases free).
  • Support through our online support pages, including online forum and Knowledge Base.

For details on how you could use SystemCrafter SC, please see the technology pages.

For more information on SystemCrafter SC, why not download a free 10 day evaluation version, and have a look at the manual and a sample design? You can buy a full license for only $3000 online.

Discounts are available for universities, students, and bulk purchases. Please contact us to find out more details.

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