There are many advantages in using C++ to design hardware and systems, but until recently the language has lacked some vital constructs for describing key hardware concepts. The advent of SystemC has provided an industry standard that is widely supported and well documented.

Design, debug and simulate your hardware and systems using your existing C++ compiler.
while (xreg != yreg) {
if (xreg > yreg) {
xreg -= yreg;
} else {
yreg -= xreg;

SystemCrafter SC is a software tool that synthesizes SystemC automatically to hardware. Engineers and programmers can design, debug and simulate hardware and systems using their existing C++ development environment. Hardware and software are simulated in the same framework. Then the hardware is synthesized to RTL for implementation using a standard VHDL or Verilog design flow. SystemCrafter SC also writes a structural SystemC description of the synthesized circuit for verification.

This design flow can be used for synthesizing SystemC to hardware, for co-design, or for hardware acceleration.


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